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Projects & Events



Piloting an information system for the use of real-time traffic data in support of dynamic fleet dispatching







The objective of the ZENEM project is to comprehensively examine the future impact of e-taxis on Vienna’s electric distribution system.





The project “Ökoeffizienz-Steigerung einer Taxiflotte“ (improving the eco-efficiency of a taxi fleet) – or Eco Taxi for short – is supported within the framework of the Call Resources Vienna, put out by ZIT, the technology agency of the City of Vienna. The project partners are Taxi 31300 Vermittlungs GmbH and the Dynamic Transportation Systems group of the Austrian Institute of Technology (AIT).



Der Staatspreis Werbung 2012 (National Advertising Prize):


The Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy awards the Staatspreis Werbung 2012:

Nominated for the prize in the advertising film category:
"Taxi 31300 ... verbindet Kulturen" (Taxi 31300 connects cultures)


Client: Taxi 31300 VermittlungsgmbH
Film Production: Ioan Gavrilowitsch


"Integration is a topic that is not really addressed outside of social media. That a taxi business – which typically advertises its reliability, speed or other advantage for the passenger – would reverse the well-known prejudices against foreign cab drivers in such a clever manner, and even make them into an identity of the company, is a bold and innovative idea.”

“The commercial is also fun to watch. It’s optimistic and life-affirming, and it puts you in the mood for a nighttime cab ride."

Taxi 31300 "Verbindet Kulturen" TV Spot

with Patrick Bongola, Max Thienen
By Ioan Gavrilowitsch

Photos of the award ceremony can be found on our Facebook page.



This Human World 2011 Ad Clips


Because we dispatch taxis whose drivers come from different nations around the world, Taxi 31300 is especially proud of our diverse and multicultural image.

Therefore, it is only logical that the company served as a main sponsor of the 2011 international film festival of human rights.


Taxi 31300 "Verbindet Kulturen" TV Spot 1

with Adem Karaduman, Illse Urbanek
by Ioan Gavrilowitsch

Taxi 31300 "Verbindet Kulturen" TV Spot 2

with Lisa Kaercher, Titus Vadon
by Ioan Gavrilowitsch

Taxi 31300 "Verbindet Kulturen" TV Spot 3

with Patrick Bongola, Max Thienen
by Ioan Gavrilowitsch

Music: Topoke feat. St. Aladin
"Temabe" see

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Information about the director, Mr. Ioan Gavrilowitsch