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Radio Course

Drivers with a valid taxi driver’s license who DO NOT YET OWN A RADIO CARD (permit) from another taxi dispatch center must complete a radio and airport training course.


To be able to handle the different situations that arise while operating a taxi, it may be necessary to complete additional training on certain topics. In particular, this pertains to:

  • Operating technical equipment
  • Conducting special transports
  • Conducting airport transfers
  • Handling cashless transactions

Our state-of-the-art 31300 classroom turns regular taxi drivers into 31300 taxi professionals!

More than 4,000 taxi drivers – including beginners and experienced veterans, drivers from Austria and abroad, firm owners who drive their own taxi, and drivers employed by a firm both full-time and part-time – have already earned a 31300 data card. These 31300 drivers are looked up to as reliable professionals by their taxi colleagues and, most importantly, by taxi customers throughout Vienna.

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