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Regular Customers

For regular customers, there is an even faster option for booking the desired taxi:

Automatic Booking

Have you ever needed a taxi urgently but were placed on hold when you called the dispatch number? If so, you know the frustration of listening to “we will be with you shortly” while precious time slips away. The good news is that we offer a solution to this problem!

Regular business customers of Taxi 31300 have the option of automatically booking a taxi through our central computer system, as long as the pick-up address is always the same.

This is how it works:

  • We will provide you with a dedicated phone number and personal booking code. Whenever you need a taxi at the indicated address, simply dial the dedicated number and enter your code.
  • After you enter the code, you will hear the recorded message, “Thank you for your booking. Please hold the line briefly to receive the taxi arrival time and license plate number.” You will then hear, “Your taxi will arrive in ... minutes,” upon which you can end the call.

This service will save you time (and money) because

  • The dedicated line is never busy
  • So there is no waiting on hold

Note: Unfortunately, this service is currently not available to our private customers.