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Taxi 31300 Coupon

Our popular taxi gift certificates make for great presents at just about any occasion. Not only that, they also come in handy in many other situations: e.g., as a complimentary gift for a customer or business partner, as part of your company’s transport solution during a corporate event, or any time your kids are traveling home alone and would prefer the security of a cashless taxi ride.

Since 2007, we have offered our gift certificates in a convenient card format:


There are many convenient ways to order our taxi gift certificates:

  • By phone (01 476 76-250)
  • By fax (01 476 76-94)
  • By mail (Taxi 31300 VermittlungsgmbH, Zetschegasse 15, A-1230 Vienna)
  • By email ( This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. )
  • Via Internet in our shop

You have the option of receiving gift certificates by mail or picking them up at our premises as follows:

Monday - Wednesday between 9 AM and 2 PM, or Thursday between 9 AM and 4 PM, at our customer center: Zetschegasse 15, 1230 Vienna. Go to the second floor and ring where it says “Kassa.”

Outside our office hours, you may pick them up in our dispatch center located on the third floor (at the same address, Zetschegasse 15). Ring where it says “Zentrale.” 

Direct pick-up -> The perfect opportunity to get a last minute gift!

Payment can be made at the time of pick-up, or by cash on delivery if ordering by mail. We also accept prepayment by wire transfer to IBAN: AT32 1630 0001 3013 7741, BIC: BTVAAT22 account holder: Taxi 31300 VermittlungsgmbH. Please write “Gutscheine” in the “Verwendungszweck” field (i.e., reason for transfer: gift certificates).

We send the gift certificates by mail as soon as payment has been received. If you need them urgently, please keep in mind that not every day is a banking day!


Taxi 31300 Coupon 5,- EUR
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